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Polo in the City is part of the Urban Polo circuit, which is the largest national polo series in the world. Established in 2005, the award winning ‘Polo in the City’ series has cemented its position as Australian market leader within the premium, luxury and performance niche, in areas of hospitality as well as brand promotion.

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What is the ‘Urban Polo Association’

The Urban Polo Association (UPA) is an organisation that administers and promotes a selection of leading Australian polo assets that comprise of a variant of polo known as ‘Urban Polo’. Such events currently include ‘Polo in the City’ and ‘Polo by the Sea’.

Expression of Interest

Members of the public are entitled to apply for Membership by filling out the online Application Form found on the Membership pages on websites of events affiliates with the UPA.

Membership Partners

Membership partners, affiliates, initiatives and benefits will vary from time to time, however, the primary inaugural Membership benefits revolve around the ‘Polo in the City’, ‘Polo by the Sea’ and ‘Corporate Polo Days’.

Polo in the City

Inaugurated in 2006, ‘Polo is the City’ is Australia’s longest running and only national polo series, as well as the largest coordinated polo series in the world. Staged in all mainland state capital cities between the months of November and December, in the past 4 years alone, ‘Polo in the City’ has generated in excess of $37 million in marketing value for host cities, sponsors and polo generally, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities since its inception.

Over recent years ‘Polo in the City’ has become the preferred client entertainment vehicle for a growing stable of corporate clients, forging a strong presence in a market previously dominated by traditional sports such as horse racing, football codes, cricket, golf and sailing. High profile guests attracted to ‘Polo in the City’ include international polo stars such as Nacho Figueras, celebrities, executives, CEO’s, dignitaries as well as heads of state.

‘Polo in the City’ is regularly acclaimed by the media, sponsors and guests alike, and has been the winner of numerous event awards. Its longer running events, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, now regularly sell out, sometimes months in advance.

Polo by the Sea

Launched on the Gold Coast in 2012 as the sister series to ‘Polo in the City’, ‘Polo by the Sea’ adopts the same marketing strategies and production qualities which have made ‘Polo in the City’ a success, however, it focuses on coastal locations and sea-side towns between the months of January to May.

In its first two years it has already generated in excess of $5 million in marketing value, and has been declared by the local media as an ‘event not to miss’ and ‘one of the best events of the year’, whilst attracting high calibre business leaders, Hollywood movie directors, distinguished artists and Royalty.

‘Polo by the Sea’ together with ‘Polo in the City’, are the only national polo assets in Australia with a proven, strategic, effective and consistent national marketing regimes achieving unparalleled results for event partners and corporate clients.

Corporate Polo Days

The ‘Corporate Polo Day’ is an interactive, bespoke entertainment concept uniquely different to traditional mainstream corporate sporting outings, such as golf, football, or sailing days.

Polo is unlike any other competitive team sport which pitches man against man, as well as man against beast, in what constitutes the fastest ball game in the world.

The ‘Corporate Polo Day’ offers the opportunity for your guests, clients or work colleagues to learn the basics of one of the oldest and most distinct sports in the world, meet and speak to a professional polo player, as well as witness the action and excitement of a private polo match, preceded by a premium lunch and beverage experience.

A great networking opportunity, an exceptional reward for valuable clients, or an exciting way to introduce potential new clients to your brand in an unforgettable context, the ‘Corporate Polo Day’ is an unrivalled ‘hands-on’ entertainment and hospitality opportunity.

Membership Tiers

There are four (4) Membership tiers, comprising of ‘Social Member’, ‘Premium Member’, ‘Corporate Member’ and ‘Foundation Member’. The benefits and conditions associated with each are outlined in our Membership Tiers section, which you can access by clicking HERE.

The UPA seeks to promote polo, social and playing polo membership across Australian polo clubs, and bring together like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs from a variety of leading professions and industries, encompassing everything from general corporate, finance, design, IT through to design, fashion and the arts, using established premium polo events as a networking and social platform.